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Maybank2U is a banking organization in Indonesia which always continuously put the efforts on you for fulfilling your needs and its mission mainly focuses on to humanize financial services. As every banking essential services, Maybank2U offers you such services like accounts, cards, insurance, loans and many other services. In order to gain the advantages of Maybank2U, you need to create the account in Maybank2U initially so that you will easily find the benefits and use them efficiently. For have your own account, you require to submit all official documents mentioned by Maybank2U based on visiting of nearby your location. After activating your account, you are able to register for debit cards or credit cards which can be useful for accomplishing your daily needs like shopping. Maybank2U provides the debit card for everyone who has an account in that bank and you need to maintain sufficient amount of money for which fulfilling the needs. For credit card, you are able to earn monthly up to 50,000 and then only Maybank2U offers you credit card which is used to perform the actions related to your needs at any time whether you are having a money or not. But, you have to pay that amount later with the rate of interest which may burden you. A credit card is the best option whenever you don't have enough money to buy the things. By adding these services, Maybank2U offers you internet banking for which you can easily do online recharge, online shopping of wardrobes, home essentials, electronic gadgets like mobiles, PC, laptops, headphones, etc. For getting these facilities, you can visit website and register your account in an internet banking option. Accordingly, you need to register with new user login and password on your own rather than provided details by Maybank2U so that your account has been activated with internet banking option which should help you in the way of fulfilling your daily needs from home only without visiting the shops physically. The bank discovered a new way of accessing your banking needs via the Maybank2U app in which you can easily get the updated notifications, transfer the amount to another account easily and conveniently without struggling much more or spending much time on banks. 

Maybank2U Online Banking

If you are having some queries regarding Maybank2U online banking and the below discussions may help you to activate your account very easily. This online banking option is an initiative by the bank to avoid the illegal transferring of information of your credentials and malicious activity on your accounts and transactions. The safety tips provided by Maybank2U for you as follows:

  • You have to remember that do not click on the URL from the emails and you should open in the new browser with fresh URL. 
  • In order to perform secure online banking using Maybank2U, you make sure that all web browsings should be close and now open the browser to perform the login operation. 
  • Please, do not disclose your username or password to anyone and you have to insist your mind that Maybank2U would not ask for your username or password under any situations.
  • Immediately, you can contact to Maybank2U when you will get any warning messages or any certificate warning so that bank will take the action according to the message.
  • By comparing the name on the digital certificate or on validation certificate, you're able to identify the name if any fraud sites exist.
  • You need to recognize the authenticity of Maybank2U online website wherein lock symbol is there which indicates the security. 
Based on the above points, you can perform online banking login with safety, secure, convenient and easier way without any faults in involving malicious activities on your account. You can access your bank account at any time, anywhere through online banking to meet your banking needs instantly without hassles.

Benefits of Maybank2U online Banking

  • With the use of online banking of Maybank2U, it will provide you the maximum convenience of 24 hours to access your account even you are in overseas countries. 
  • You will get SMS notifications whenever a new payee is added or any transactions have been involved in your account. 
  • The bank offers you secure online banking with the incorporation of encryption technology and 2-Factor authentication for login. 
  • You can set the limits for daily transactions to add the security to your Maybank2U account. 
  • The another feature also added to Maybank2U online banking that is you can able to access the banking services even after banking hours such as funds transfer, investment, account inquiry, online remittance, bill payment etc. 
In order to enjoy all aforementioned benefits, you need to maintain a valid individual account in Maybank2U and your age should be minimum 16 years. 

Deposits and Banking

Maybank2U offers you one of the best savings account for your daily banking needs and you can enjoy highest paying savings account and time deposit rates. You can create current or savings accounts according to your interest. Through current account, you can enjoy the convenience of checking the highest interest rates to keep check your financial transactions. Whereas in the savings account, you can create a simple and easy path for growing your high savings with interest rate. Time deposits and fixed deposits will make you secure your deposit account with the high-interest rate. Payments and remittances provided by Maybank2U which offers you convenience at your fingertips with various payment modes and remittance services. 


The Maybank2U provides you the different type of cards such as debit card, credit card, and supplementary card. You can choose your card according to your requirements and they can help you to fulfill your needs. 

Bill Payments at AXS

You can use your MasterCard to pay your bill for selected billing organization at any AXS system and you can enjoy the convenience of consolidated statements with incurred bills. You can get rewards with cash rebate or treats points based on the Maybank2U system. You can get other benefits like auto pay bills for charity, complimentary travel insurance, Maybank MasterPass, Samsung Pay, VISA Checkout etc. 

Other Services

By using Maybank2U, you can make your dreams come true like build the house, business, scholarship for studying etc. Here, it comes for you with Maybank2U which always tries to create a platform in a way that you can fulfill your dreams using bank loans. According to the rules of Maybank2U, you can get the loans up to Rp 250 million with a loan term of 1-5 years. The bank offers you fixed installment for every month and interest rates start from 0.99%. The service of Rp 150 million with a loan term of 3 years is applicable to the person who is not a permanent employee or not getting the channel salaries through Maybank2U. You can take education loans with a student loan at an attractive loan interest rate. With the Maybank2U education loan, you have more options to study in overseas countries and to settle your education loan at your convenience. 

Maybank2U Malaysia

Like a Maybank2U Indonesia or Maybank2U Singapore, Mayabnk2U Malaysia also providing banking needs for their customers effectively. f you are having registered account in Maybank2U Malaysia, you can utilize the offers such as debit card, credit card, online banking, savings on car insurance, etc. Here, also you can link-up with online banking with your existed Maybank2U account and you can apply credit card for accomplishing your needs. Maybank2U Malaysia provides you the products such as wardrobes, home essentials, electronics, mobiles, PC's, laptops, mobiles, gift cards, health&beauty, Travel sorts&outdoors, etc. During festival days, Maybank2U gives you offers through discounts on particular products. Using Maybank2U Malaysia account, you can redeem Maybank points which can be helpful for shopping the items which you wanted to buy. The bank is more beneficial for you if you want to study the broad education through which you can grasp the knowledge and Maybank2U is very helpful in that situation means it gives you a helping hand by providing scholarships. So that, you will not be faced any financial issues during your education and without depending on your parents, you can continue your study without any hassles. Once completion of your study, put your efforts to develop the Malaysia country. Then, you will be the part of increasing growth domestic product of Malaysia. Apart from education, Maybank2U Malaysia offers you other services like home loans, car insurance, health insurance, accident insurance through your savings. The bank adopts the modern new technology for giving their services to you in a secure manner with efficacy. Based on these services, you can choose the Maybank2U Malaysia due to its responsiveness towards you and you can accomplish your needs like shopping, bill payments, etc. through online banking or credit card of Maybank2U. 


Maybank proved to be challenging at times, and every year it has been exciting, rewarding and fulfilling for you. All Maybank branches like Singapore, Malaysia, Phillippines, etc. participated in the event of Maybank Powerbank World Series-2016 and Maybank Phillippines is the title sponsor which was also qualified for Poweran Duathlon world championship conducted in Switzerland 2017. Maybank received many awards such as best Islamic product award, best in-house recruitment team, best recruitment innovation, best candidate experience by a corporate HR, best diversity and inclusion strategy, best community programme award for Maybank women, weavers, Bronze Award., bronze award for Blogas development programme, Indonesia financial service industry employee engagement award, best staff training and development programme, best social media marketing, etc. Among top five bank brands, Maybank Malaysia is placed one of them and it got a rank in the global brand bank of 500 banking brands 2017 due to its reliable online services with an easier access. Maybank Malaysia received Malaysia leading 100 graduate employers awards such as most popular employer for banking financial services, best innovation campus for Maybank, finalist for best social media usage for digital strategy, best management trainee programme for global Maybank Apprentice programme,, etc. In addition to all these, Maybank Malaysia got various awards for NACRA such as overall excellence award-platinum, Inclusiveness&Diversity reporting award-silver, corporate social responsibility award-platinum, industry excellence award for the finance department. It is received the awards from global finance awards such as the best bank in Malaysia, best Islamic financial institution in Malaysia, the best bond capital bond from Malaysia, etc. World branding awards also received by Maybank for the 3rd consecutive year and human resource awards of 2016 in Malaysia such as excellence in recruitment-bronze, excellence in employer branding-silver, excellence in diversity & management-gold, excellence in talent management-gold, excellence in social media gold. Maybank is the best private bank in Malaysia. Other awards for Maybank are Putra award of the brand year, Euromoney award, Malaysia's best employer award from 2015-2017., etc. 

Recently, Maybank Indonesia announces Maybank Bali Marathon 2017, race international will takes place on August 27, 2017, which will be conducted in Bali. At the event of Maybank Bali Marathon, Maybank conducted a refinement and refreshment to make the event more vibrant. In the last year, the number of participants was 7500 and this year might be the number reached to 8000-9000 participates. Every year Maybank increased their facilities to participants and in harmony to that interest, Maybank ready to improve the infrastructure with the maintenance of safety, quality, and comfort of race, etc. In order to participate in the event of Maybank Bali Marathon, you have to register through the online website of and registration process will be started from 9th April to 15th April 2017. To make the event better, Maybank Bali Marathon team will collaborate with reliable partnerships owing to it is an international race. It will continue to implement the corporate social responsibility in Bali in which it encourages the thousands of people and school children having a chance to utilize again through the participation of Maybank Bali Marathon. This corporate social responsibility implementation is used for developing the Indonesia based on community development and education. Maybank Indonesia exploring the new route for providing more satisfying experience run in the sixth year of Maybank Bali Marathon Implementation 2017. In this event, photography is more important during the international race to know the winners and runner after completion of the race. In 2016, Maybank Indonesia used an application of smartphones. In this current year, it is planning to be used a new technology as platform photography based crowdsourcing. This platform allows the local photographers who will show enthusiasm to take snaps during the international race of Maybank Bali Marathon 2017.